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No steam demo why?

I like the item transport system and I found the music relaxing. (Would be great to be able to turn the machine sounds down a bit though)

The full game may be something i'd pay to play.

Problems I came across:

  •  After opening a box, whenever I selected any tile that didn't have an inventory (i.e: Structure Support) It would show the contents of the last box I opened.
  • For unknown reasons, every now and again some of my carriers would disappear from the rails they were working on and appear in my inventory. (I've been able to force it to happen by saving, but it's done so without saving and it happens to a random carrier every time and usually multiple at once.
  • Surprised to notice that the UI doesn't have any function and there isn't a settings menu, but I see they give a sneek-peek into what's expected to be in the full game.
  • Music tabs in the menu work on the actual music, but the machines still make sound after turning both off. ( Sliders or a 1-10/1-100 setting for it would be appreciated)
  • Items would be placed into inventory seemingly at random. I noticed that there were specific slots items would go to in the inventory even though there were plenty of empty spaces i'd rather they go to. Not being sortable made it frustrating.

I probably could've used less space for everything, but I enjoyed my time. ;P

Thank you for taking the time to write a feedback, many things is improved and fixed in the  full version other will be fixed soon :)

Hi new people, even via the free version you have access to the Discord server... link is in the first screen of the game... Any feedback or vids are greatly appreciated! ;-) 'tough but fair' is this game. That's my review!


Cool game with a lot of potential, i like the idea behind and the art direction. 

I have a hard time with the UI, especially in crafting. Didn't find intuitive to have the inventory and crafting window opened at the same time, and the way to "retrieve" the item is not clear. Maybe "automating" the crafting process would be cool (without the need to grab and drop the items).

The jetpack system is kind of weird too, i expected to fall when i'm not pressing "W" or "space".

Tutorial text is also not very intuitive, being a overly long info dump. I recommend to simply add small contextual tips and visually highlight the objetives.

You have a potentially addictive crafting indie gem here, just need a rework on UI and UX aspects to unleash it's full power

Hi, demo is unplayable for me because of forced QWERTY controls. Any ways to change them ?

Hi, what do you mean? Works fine with WASD spacebar and mouse for me.....


he mean,he use different keyboard layout ,the control keys are scattered for him, will be fixed later in updates


Very Good Game


I see this game becoming a masterpiece

adicionem o idioma português do Brasil

add brazilian portuguese language

easier if you learn some english.. im from brazil and i dont care about having pt_br as an option or not.. im fine with english..

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i can't play it because it say " this app isn't for your pc find a version for your pc " can you help me with it, i running windown 8

i can't really play it because the download file is "forbidden". is there a solution?


do you mean it wont download at all,or after download you cant open?

it won't download at all

Tester. Hi bro! The page does not let me read your last message, if you can please, answer me here again to know the changes you made, and so try again, thanks!


thank you for taking time to write this detailed feedback, and i am  glad that you enjoyed the game,typos mistakes are corrected now,Algae is extracted by using harvester but this is not available in the demo version :)

Excellent game bro, it's great, I'm available if you need a translator for the Spanish version of the game, since I love the world of video game creation, the game is fascinating, and I confess that it can be addictive, you have some dynamic excellent. I will follow you until you see this great idea grow, I congratulate you!